Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blog Mission Statement AKA Why are you doing this, Kate? Blogs are so 2007.

Hello, people of the internet, or, more likely, at least at first, Hello, Mom!  I'm putting this blog together to combine information about my previous, current and upcoming projects with my general thoughts on whatever might strike my fancy.  So, I'll start you off with some info about me.  I'm Kate Owen.  I'm a teacher in Dallas, Texas who writes LGBT fiction.  Wow, that got very support group-y, very fast.  Anway, my first story "Safe Passage" was picked up by Less Than Three Press this month, and I will absolutely be letting all of you know (I'm confident that my Mom will convince some other people to read this too) when it is available.  So, today is just a quick, hi, how're you doing?  You know getting to know you and all that first date awkwardness.

Until Next Time.....


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